Virtual Care Timers

The Benefits of Virtual Care Timers for CCM & RPM

With Virtual Care Timers, you’ll be able to utilise advanced tracking tools via RPM software. As a result, this can drastically improve your revenue as well as saving valuable time.

Product Features

Stop using endless spreadsheets and hard to navigate solutions. With RPM-H Virtual Care Timers, you’ll be getting the best features that can help avoid unnecessary costs.

Automated Time Tracking

Ensures every second of time spent on CCM, RPM, and other programs are automatically tracked. The time spent by any care provider will automatically be charged to the patient/consumer, and timed care will be allotted appropriately by the patient, care provider, and task.

Real-Time Billing Dashboard

Utilise dashboard analytics to determine which patients have met a threshold in a specific period (e.g., “20 minutes or more in a calendar month”), as well as which patients are near, and allocate resources appropriately to maximise the delivery of the billable level of care.

Virtual Care Efficiency Reports

With the available resources, your organisation can deliver the best possible care to the most significant number of patients using dashboards and reports. Know, for instance, the total number of Patients engaged by each Care Pro within a particular period and the average time spent providing virtual care to each patient. Compare these metrics to organisational averages.

Audit and Protection

To be prepared for a Medicare or other third-party audit involving virtual care, your organisation should keep a comprehensive record of all care delivered, including who received it, when it was delivered, and for what purpose. This record should be stored in a way that makes it secure, redundant, and immune to the damage or loss of any local computers or devices.

Track Time from any Computer, Tablet, or Mobile Device

Make sure all of your care professionals can log their hours automatically from any computer, smartphone, or tablet and that their data is automatically synchronized no matter when and where.

Integrate RPM-H with Other Systems

Integrate RPM-H with your electronic health record, practice management, billing, claims, and other systems for automated data exchange. Maintain familiarity with alternative strategies that achieve similar goals at lower costs. Check out RPM Integrations if you want to learn more.

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RPM-H collaborates with you to deliver virtual care programs for vulnerable populations.

By delivering remote monitoring programs that can improve the health of patients, a typical physician office can track an additional 200+ patients per month.