E-mail, text, and HIPAA messaging

Message 1:1 and 1:Many with anyone in your population in the most convenient and secure manner appropriate to support your care goals.

Product Features

Communicate rapidly and securely 1:1 or 1 to millions. RPM-H Messaging Features Include:

HIPAA Secure Messaging/Chat

Support virtual care communications between care professionals and consumers/patients with complete compliance and a higher security level than email or SMS.


Personalise an email and send it to a specific person. Or, you can broadcast to a large number of people in a specified group. Create your own categories based on any combination of data attributes.

Text Messaging

Send SMS messages to only one person in your community. Send to any custom group or combination of data characteristics in bulk.

Health Library Content

You can use any form of communication to share health library resources. The Healthwise Clinical Review Board consists of 150 clinical specialists who routinely update over 5,000 articles and videos.

Messaging Notifications

To make sure you don’t miss any incoming communications, set up SMS and/or email alerts, enable in-app notifications and badges, and more.

Summary Messaging Dashboards

Manage, follow up on, and close off your message alerts and notifications in a simple yet functional “inbox” that allows you to filter and show the necessary data you need.

Discuss With A Consultant Today.

RPM-H collaborates with you to deliver virtual care programs for vulnerable populations.

By delivering remote monitoring programs that can improve the health of patients, a typical physician office can track an additional 200+ patients per month.