Risk Analytics

Real-Time, Actionable, Population Risk Insights

View interactive risk charts based on data from connected devices, labs, EHR, screenings, claims, and other sources. Start with customizable RPM-H risk templates for overall and risk factor-specific population health stratification, or implement your own methodology. Perform bulk operations with a couple of clicks to manage and engage any group.

Product Features

Analyze and take action based on any risk data set — including connected devices. RPM-H Risk Analytics System Features Include:

Single or Multiple Sources

Incorporate data from any source, such as linked devices, HRA/screenings/surveys, manual consumer entry, labs, EHR, and claims. 

Examine risk analytics based on all available data or filter by specific data sources.

Flexible Data Integrations

Collected data through connected devices, manual entry, and RPM-H HRA/screenings/surveys are automatically available for risk analysis. Data from EHR, claims, labs and other third-party systems can be made available immediately via API or on a set schedule via flat file transfer.

Customisable Risk Analysis

Begin with evidence-based RPM-H templates and, if you want, change them to best fit your population’s overall and specific risk factors. Or, start from scratch and use your own method.

Real-time and Longitudinal Risk Dashboards

The RPM-H platform reflects changes at the consumer and population level in real-time or in close proximity to real-time. Additionally, historical points in time and longitudinal risk levels are ready for the dashboard.

On-Demand Risk Level Alerts

Suppose a consumer’s overall risk level or a single risk factor is “high risk” or any other defined risk tier. In that case, an alert can be created in a trackable work queue for any RPM-H Care Pro, and the consumer can be notified through email and/or text.

Actionable Tools to Engage

Take action to engage, report, bill and more based on overall or specific risk factor level. Engage via email or text or HIPAA secure messaging with our without health library content. Assign appropriate care guides from RPM-H library or import others.

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RPM-H collaborates with you to deliver virtual care programs for vulnerable populations.

By delivering remote monitoring programs that can improve the health of patients, a typical physician office can track an additional 200+ patients per month.