Share Information Between RPM-H And Other Systems

From flat-file exchanges to real-time API’s, we have an option to fit your budget and technical capabilities that ensures program eligibility, demographic and health information, HIE messages, alerts, connected device data, and more can move in a timely and accurate manner across your IT systems.

Product Features

Enable powerful new capabilities while eliminating error-prone and time-consuming processes. RPM-H Connect System Features Include:

Automated Flat File Integrations

Flat file integrations are best when your EHR, budget, or technical skills mean that they are the best choice. We’ve got you covered and can help make this process safe and easy.

API Integrations

We are happy to connect directly to any Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Information Exchange (HIE), or other system with a working API in order to pull or push data.

Custom API/Interfaces

RPM-H was made to work with other systems. If you have a use case or requirement that RPM-H and/or your other systems don’t currently meet, we have the experience and drive to build a solution.

Use Case Templates: RPM-H ⇢ Other System

Sending data from connected devices (like blood pressure, heart rate, glucose level, activity level, etc.), clinical documentation, and billing data are just a few examples. It includes timed care and monitoring days.

Use Case Templates: Other System ⇢ RPM-H

Some examples are the creation of a patient account, demographics, eligibility for a program, enrollment, authorisations, vitals, lab results, diagnoses, and medications.

HL7 FHIR Support

We will use the HL7 FHIR specification for API integrations that don’t already have a clear plan.

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RPM-H collaborates with you to deliver virtual care programs for vulnerable populations.

By delivering remote monitoring programs that can improve the health of patients, a typical physician office can track an additional 200+ patients per month.