Powerful Health Incentives and Rewards

Automatically reward health related actions including connecting devices like iPhone’s and Fitbit’s, and/or achieving regular goals like daily steps or weekly blood pressure. Or, attach rewards to completing an HRA/screening, flu shot, participating in a health/wellness challenge, attending an event, or most any health related action.

Product Features

Increase engagement and/or compliance with automated incentives and rewards that work for any population group. RPM-H Rewards System Features Include:

Flexible Configuration

Stimulate a single action or several actions performed over a short (day) or lengthy (year) period. Introduce reward alternatives all at once or gradually. Track completion based on data from linked devices, bulk file uploads, real-time system integrations, manual site/app input, and more.

Automated Tracking

Track the completion of reward activities such as HRA/screening completion, health challenge participation, visits with care specialists (or other experts such as Financial Advisors), flu vaccinations, COVID immunisations, and event attendance.

Automated Fulfillment

When consumers can redeem their rewards points for almost any online or offline retailer’s items or services, they are instantly alerted through email or text messages with a simple link. Or, opt to manage fulfilment through your own or another company.

Offer Daily Micro-Incentives

Integrate health rewards into everyday activities, such as step counts, active minutes, and/or measuring weight, glucose, and/or blood pressure. Other time intervals (weekly, monthly, etc.) and so on.

RPM-H Templates or Your Design

You can start with RPM-H reward templates made for specific programs and groups, and change them to fit your needs (Wellness, Diabetes, Hypertension). Or, use our tools to put your plan into action.

Detailed Dashboards and Reporting

Users can keep track of what they’ve earned and what’s available with detailed real-time dashboards for rewards apps. RPM-H Pro admin and care pro users have summary dashboards, tools to create, edit, and manage reward types, and the ability to make detailed reports with timestamps for auditing, validating, or other purposes.

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RPM-H collaborates with you to deliver virtual care programs for vulnerable populations.

By delivering remote monitoring programs that can improve the health of patients, a typical physician office can track an additional 200+ patients per month.