About Us

About RPM-H

At RPM-H, our vision is simple

The use of 21st century telecom and technology to bridge the gap between the healthcare levels using remote patient monitoring.

We are passionate about proactive health care management. Still, we believe in leveraging technology to help organisations deliver the right support at scale to all patients, regardless of their location or disposition.

Our Mission

To accelerate the use of Tele Medicine and compressing time, distance, and costs to diagnose and treat patients anywhere.

How We Work

Remote Patient Monitoring platform

RPM-H provides 1Bios, a device-agnostic Remote Patient Monitoring platform. The RPM-H's 1Bios platform is a flexible and wholly customisable model that enables the platform to offer several additional optional support services depending on your requirements.

Monitoring Technology

Our remote patient monitoring solution

RPM-H's 1Bios remote patient monitoring platform is designed to be a turnkey solution. This means that unlike other solutions in the market, it focuses not just on the best technological solution but does through the lens of what clinicians need and a strong focus on adherence to health regimens.

  • Integrates with your current software and systems.
  • Clinicians are part of the development process.
  • Patient outcomes are at the core of decision making.
  • Device agnostic solution that is scalable – it works with your current systems and medical devices
  • Meaning it can support more patients.
  • Integrated Telehealth component.

Discuss With A Consultant Today.

RPM-H collaborates with you to deliver virtual care programs for vulnerable populations.

By delivering remote monitoring programs that can improve the health of patients, a typical physician office can track an additional 200+ patients per month.

Aaron Grandison

Aaron Grandison has spent over two decades at the confluence of the finance and healthcare industries. He draws upon his extensive experience to optimise payment processing and revenue streams for US healthcare providers. He has implemented innovative healthcare transaction solutions in medical banking while working with some of the world’s largest banks and within his own healthcare revenue cycle management enterprises. Aaron is energised by the possibilities of automated solutions and of revolutionising the healthcare payer and provider relationship.